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Monday, July 05, 2004

Firefox is better than IE - according to Microsoft

If any of you have any doubt that freedom of the press can exist for publications owned by large diversified corporations, check this out. MSN's Slate has published an article that claims, in no uncertain terms, that the Mozilla project's open source Firefox browser is clearly superior to Microsoft's own Internet Explorer. Columnist Paul Boutin even goes on to recommend that readers consider Mozilla's Thunderbird email application and Sunbird calendar application as alternatives to Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express, which he describes as "two other virus carriers". Indeed, open source software is the biggest threat to Microsoft's near monopoly. If only the open source community could create an office product superior to Microsoft Office!

This, of course, was slashdotted here. Expecting the register, k5, and ars technica to chime in at any moment.

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