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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Launch day

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On Easter Monday, 2005, my range crew and I headed for the snow covered rocket range. Yes, there was snow on the ground for Easter - I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, north of the 50th parallel.

The first egg rocket attempt. "Passion Power" awaits final preparation on the launch pad.

The first egg rocket attempt. "Passion Power" is connected to ignition and in the launch tube. Unfortunately, this attempt misfired.

The most successful launch. "Bunny Blast", on her second flight, went about 5 m vertically and 17 m horizontally as pictured.

The three egg rockets at the end of the day - two completely intact and one will never fly again

Range Log

1Passion Power1/4AMisfire
2Easter Explosion1/2ANose dive, damaged
3Bunny Blast1/2ANose dive
4Passion Power1/4AApprox. 4 m altitude
5Bunny Blast1/2AApprox. 5 m altitude, 17 m horizontal distance

Experimental findings

  • Yes, an egg can withstand a moment of 70 g's of acceleration.
  • The launch tube works some of the time. Perhaps a longer tube would work better?
  • Yes, the "Bunny Blast" survived two launches without damage (and will fly again as soon as I buy more engines).

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