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Monday, November 14, 2005

Sabaki Go Tournament 2005 Report

The Sabaki Go Club based in Edmonton, Alberta held its annual go tournament this weekend. There were around 40 entrants ranging in strength from 6 dans to 18 kyus, ranging in age from 60 something to 8 years old, and with entrants from as far away as Manitoba. The top spot was taken by an outgoing fellow named Wei (sorry, I did not catch your last name), a 6 dan visiting from Calgary. He narrowly defeated one of Edmonton's strongest, Luke Chung 6 dan.

On a more personal note, I attended only the second day of the two day event entering the "Lightening Tournament". The tournament director, in a moment of madness, entered me in the upper division of this handicap tournament as a 3 kyu which is four ranks stronger than my rank in the club. Nonetheless, I won my first game, only to fall in the second round to the winner of the affair, Terry Fung 4 dan.

Before and after the formal tournament, there were many friendly games to be had and a great deal of boisterous game analysis - including extensive analysis of the top games in Cantonese which was lost on me. One interesting turn of events for me was losing to a friendly fellow when he gave me a five stone handicap only to later defeat him when he gave me two stones. What does t mean?

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