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Monday, June 07, 2004

Who Is Maurice Strong?

Is this for real? Is this kind of idealized "power behind the [metaphorical global] throne" possible, and if so is he Canadian? While I am no position to evaluate the validity of the claims made in this article, it sounds suspiciously like some highschool kid bragging about his 20th level international bureaucrat in some conspiracy role playing game. In any case, I am reluctant to form a conclusion on the true nature of Maurice Strong based solely on a web page written by a guy who is the author of Eco-Scam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse and The True State of the Planet - There is potential for a certain bias that may have colored this portrait of Strong. Whatever the truth is, a fascinating biographical corpus as accumulated around Strong on the net. Here are a few to whet your appetite:

  • Strong's Government of Canada bio published along with his 1992 Skelton Lecture sponsored by the Canadian department of Foreign Affairs

  • The survivalist perspective on Strong, including an exposée of his ties to a New Age religious conspiracy

  • The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced a documentary on Strong - info here

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