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Monday, January 17, 2005

Is caffeine good for you? What about kava?

I am always interested in reading new studies on my favorite addictive compound, caffeine. It was interesting to run into this piece regarding the monkey on Fiji's back, kava. There are a slew of organizations claiming the beneficial effects of kava springing up around the world (i.e. this address (PDF format) to the December 1, 2004 International Kava Conference held in Suva), while another camp touts its risks (i.e. the FDA). Is there anyone who has tried kava that would be willing to share their experience?

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Legless_Marine said...

Hi Thrashor,

I've tried Kava. There's plenty of information out there on it, and I wouldn't know what to add. It's effects are relaxing. When I drink it, I feel less like buzzing around, and more like sitting and chatting. Effects last a couple of hours. Not hard to obtain online, or even better, go to the source: Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Hawaii.

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