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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A rare draw in International go

GoGameWorldand the AGA eJournal report on a rare professional go match that ended in a draw by mutual agreement. However, it turns out that it did not need to be a tie! Here is the AGA story.

"A very unusual result was achieved in a game between Lee Changho 9P and Chang Hao 9P in the Southern Great Wall Cup special match between China and Korea on September 11th. The game concluded with a quadruple ko that was mutually accepted as a tie. Lee and Chang split the combined first and second prize money, but pros later determined that Lee had really won the game. Playing Black, Lee could simply connect one ko and give two others to Chang. Then he would win by 3.5 points. The agreement on the tie was probably prompted by the fact that both players had only one minute of time left at that point and Lee couldn't be sure of his calculation."

You can view or download the game record here.

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