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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

SETI@home milestone

Today, after having two computers devoting all of their spare cycles for few months, I have reached 10,000 workunit credits. Now these credits are not redeemable for alien technology, they are merely a measure of the amount of SETI@home data analysis that my hardware has completed. This is not a particularly impressive volume. The top producers on the project contribute well over 1000 workunits daily, and the total number of workunits processed over the life of the SETI@home project is now over 2.5 billion. However, I ask myself, why am I doing this? Have I made the world a better place? I certainly have not found any space bugs yet, but neither has anyone else. Would I be better off donating my spare cycles to another grid computing project? (By the way, check out this great BIONC stats page.)

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