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Monday, August 29, 2005

The death of the bar code?

Slashdot decries the end of the bar code:

"The University of Wisconsin RFID Lab, principally funded by a dozen Wal-mart suppliers including 3M, Kraft Foods, and S.C. Johnson & Son, believes that RFID could spell the end of the ubiquitous bar code. The big draw? Speeding up supply-chain management. Wal-mart's warehouse conveyor belts presently move products at 600 feet per minute... but they want to be faster. And better informed."

I bet that libraries will see bar codes for a little longer than Wal-mart. RFID technology is certainly mature and available for library use, but the price point remains too high for these institutions who have less capital investment funding than Wal-mart. In fact, the last that I read, the RFID price point is still to high for WalMart but getting closer every day.

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