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Friday, December 02, 2005

Geist challenges politicians on privacy

In an update on the never ending Sony rootkit saga, Michael Geist challenges Canadian politicians to make privacy an election issue. Also, if you are a Canadian whose computer is infected with the Sony rootkit, Geist wants to hear from you. Could he be building a class action law suit (if that term is applicable in Canadian law?)?

"Given all the prior revelations, Canadian action is now long overdue. There is ample evidence to warrant investigations from both the Competition Bureau and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Moreover, with the election campaign now in full swing, the various parties should take a stand on what they intend to do about deceptive use of DRM and whether they support much-needed legal protections from DRM. This fiasco has laid bare the dangers of the recording industry' s support for DRM to consumers, artists, and retailers. With thousands of Canadians likely affected (if you are one, I'd like to hear from you), Canadian authorities can no longer sit on the sidelines."


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