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Friday, October 01, 2004

A go OS?

I was surprised to read the following in the American Go Association E Journal:

NEW GO OPERATING SYSTEM: The expanding world of computer go now includes Hikarunix, “the only operating system dedicated to go,” according to creator Karl Sigler. “Hikarunix is a live Linux CD dedicated to learning, playing and studying go,” Sigler tells the E-Journal. Hikarunix features an interactive tutorial for beginners, while more advanced players can record and organize their SGF games for study and comment. “With Hikarunix you can study from an included library of nearly 7000 historical and professional games, 500 of which are reviewed and commented. You can practice Joseki with ‘Guess the next move’ programs, try to solve nearly 5000 go problems ranging from easy to dan level, and play online with thousands of go players, or start your own go server to play private games,” says Sigler. Hikarunix is available free at Note: the EJ is interested in user reviews of Hikarunix; send them to us at

Don't get me wrong, anything having to do with go/weiqi/baduk I hold in good favor, but does the world really need a go OS? Has anyone made a chess OS?

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